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How much water can a condom hold?

Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of things,
you've probably asked yourself, how much water can a condom hold?
So did we. So we put the scientific method Mrs. Renfroe taught us
in 7th grade science class to work, with some surprising results.

Step 1 - Get a wide variety of condoms

We wanted to compare a wide variety of styles - lubed vs. unlubed, large vs. standard size,
ultra thin vs. regular, etc. So we got together a variety pack of condoms

Step 2 - Figure out how to fill them with water

This is a new screw-on gasket to keep your condom locked in place during sex.
Actually, it’s a device we made from plumbing washers to secure the top of the condom
while it was being filled with water.

Step 3 - Start filling...

The average ejaculation produces about half an ounce of fluid.
The amount shown above represents  maybe a week’s worth of cum.
Barely enough to make a decent water balloon, and only a small
fraction of this condom’s capacity.

Step 4 - And filling...

We started filling this Magnum large condom, then sat back and waited as it
got fuller…and fuller…and fuller. The brand lived up to its reputation – Magnums
really can hold more.

Step 5 - And filling...

The Magnum condom was able to hold well over 5 gallons, probably about 6 all together,
before it burst. You’d have to cum about 1600 times to produce that volume of fluid.

It’s the mother of all water balloons. This is the Magnum XL, holding
approximately 7 gallons of water and still going strong. Now that’s
a big load. You’d need a catapult to launch this thing.

Step 6 - Thar she blows!

Here’s the money shot. The tension is almost unbearable as this condom
gets filled to the bursting point. Finally the climactic moment – a huge explosion and a torrent of
 liquid. We have to go have a cigarette now.

Our Test Results

  Lubricated? Textured? Capacity Comments
Crown Skinless Skin Yes No 4 ½ gallons  
Durex Yes No 3 ¼ gallons Looked small 
Magnum XL Yes No 7 gallons + Frickin’ huge
Magnum Large Yes No 6 gallons + Also huge
Trustex No No 3 ¾ gallons  
Trojan Her Pleasure Yes Yes – Ridges 6 gallons +  
Paradise Super Sensitive Yes No 3 ¾ gallons Berry scented
Kimono Sensation Yes Yes – Bumps 6 gallons +  
Kiss of Mint No No 5 gallons Mint flavored
Vis A Vis Ultra Thin Yes No 2 ½ gallons Felt flimsy
LifeStyles Snug Fit Yes No 3 ¼ gallons Skinnier than average

Based on our results, we were able to draw some conclusions about the capacity and durability of certain brands and/or types of condoms. Not surprisingly, the Magnum brand, which is designed to accommodate extra-large jimmies, took top prize, demonstrating a truly impressive ability to hold water. We had to stop filling the Magnum XL before it actually burst to avoid the risk of a flash flood. Not surprisingly, the poorest performer was the Vis A Vis Ultra Thin, holding a paltry 2 ½ gallons. That ultra thin latex may give better sensation, but it won’t stand up to much pressure. The LifeStyles Snug Fit condom also demonstrated a predictably lower than average capacity. Trojan’s Her Pleasure condom and the Kimono Sensation condom proved surprisingly tough, rivaling the performance of the Magnum brand. We think this was due to the texturing on the condom surface, which requires thicker latex and may contribute to the condom’s ability to withstand pressure.

At the conclusion of our experiment, we were left with what looked like the aftermath of a weekend orgy: a pile of torn wrappers and soggy shredded condoms, like the swept up floor of a gay bathhouse or municipal bus. Oh what fun it looked like we had.

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