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Top Ten Signs Your Mom Is a Cougar

1. Candy dish on coffee table used to be filled with mints – now filled with mint-flavored condoms.

2. She got a tramp stamp with a fraternity's Greek letters on it.

3. Her “soccer mom” SUV has blackout drapes and vibrating seats.

4. You're always finding men's sweatshirts around the house with college logos on them.

5. She’s on Facebook. And MySpace. With bikini photos .

6. Her ringtone is that “Mrs. Robinson” song.

7. When you eat out, she tips by sticking ones into the waiter’s pants.

8. Traded mahjong night for two-dollar-margarita night.

9. She’s on a first name basis with the video store clerks.

10. Her IM screename is classycougar4u.

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