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The Resident Sex Advisor answers sex-related questions from college students

Dear RSA,
My boyfriend has a dick shaped like Captain Hook's right hand, if you know what I mean. Whenever we have sex it feels like he is inserting a curly fry up my vagina. Is there a medical procedure for un-bending his boomerang cock?
Tracy, Phoenix

It's perfectly normal and extremely common for a guy's dicks curve to the right, left, up or down. I'm going to assume that your boyfriend's curly cue pecker goes beyond a normal healthy curve and has veered into a more serious case of the bends.

Your boyfriend's curly-fry dick an unusual but not totally rare occurrence. Some guys are born with dicks like that, and some develop them as a result of genetics or other factors. The clinical name for cock curvature is Peyronie's Disease. The curvature is caused by the formation of scar tissue inside the penis on part of the shaft. This tissue is tough and fibrous and doesn't expand with the rest of the cock when it gets erect, so the cock ends up curving around it. No one knows exactly what causes the scar tissue to form. Some think it may be caused by hereditary conditions affecting the blood vessels and other tissues. Some think it may be caused by inflammation or trauma to the penis. So if your BF slammed his dick in a car door, or if he just jerked off too enthusiastically too often, that may have caused the problem.

Regardless of its origin, there is help for men with boomerang wangs. Many treatment options, both surgical and nonsurgical, are available. Nonsurgical treatments included taking supplements like vitamin E; injection of steroids or other medications into the hardened tissue to soften it; or treatment with ultrasound or lasers. However, surgery remains the most effective, if riskier treatment. If the curve is not severe, a few well placed stitches on the other side of the cock may pull things back into place. The most common surgery is called the Nesbit procedure, which involves removing the damaged part of the penis and replacing it with a graft of tissue and blood vessels taken from another part of the body. In severe cases, this may result in erectile dysfunction and an implanted device may be needed so the penis can get erect again. Other risks associated with the surgery include some loss of penile sensation, and sometimes a slight shortening of the dick. However, most men who have the surgery get a good outcome and are happy with the results. Recovery time is usually about 6 weeks. If your boyfriend is interested in correcting this condition, he should talk to his doctor or a urologist and find out what the best course of treatment is.

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