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The Resident Sex Advisor answers sex-related questions from college students

Dear RSA,
Is it normal to want to come on my girlfriend's face after sex?
Benji, Connecticut

Sure, wanting to come on your girlfriend's face or another part of her body is perfectly normal and is a very common male fantasy. Coming on a woman's face is commonly known as "giving a facial," or if you come on her neck or breasts "giving her a pearl necklace." It's often acted out in porn, and when it's done by a group of guys on one woman, it's called bukkake.

Women who are really into semen might really enjoy getting a face full of it. If your girlfriend is up for this, give it a try. You might want to put a towel down first, since it might get messy. Exercise some common courtesy and let her know right before you pop one off. And be sure she closes her eyes before you shoot, because semen in the eyes can sting like hell. Have a hand towel or tissues ready for clean up afterwards. You might also suggest doing it in the shower, so it's quick and easy to wash off.

 On the other hand, some women find the idea of getting drenched with cum disgusting and degrading. If your girlfriend feels this way, chances are you won't be able to talk her out of it. If she's on the fence, let her know what you'd like to do and see how she responds. Tell her it would be an incredible turn on for you, and talk your way through the scene beforehand, describing to her what you would do and what would happen when you blow your load all over her. Ideally this would get her hot enough that she'll start jacking you off right then and there.

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