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Dear RSA,
I’ve heard some girls can majorly cum – like, squirt - while orgasming. If you've never done that before, is there anything you can do to be able to?
Gina, Glendale CA

Yes, it’s true…female ejaculation, as it’s called, is a real thing. In fact, most women are capable of squirting to some degree, although few people are able to produce rivers of juice or dramatic fountain-like cum shots. In fact, the women in videos who squirt like garden hoses are in fact probably just peeing.

This brings us to a controversy about female ejaculation: is it just pee that’s coming out? When a woman genuinely ejaculates, no, it is not just urine, but what it is that comes out is still a subject of medical debate. There are glands that produce other fluids that are expelled. However, the glands are located near the bladder, and the fluid comes out the urethra (just like a guy’s ejaculation) so there may be some urine mixed in with it. Occasionally, when a woman squirts, it may just be urine coming out, but this is unusual, because it’s actually hard for most people to pee while having an orgasm.

So how does this work and how do you make it happen? The secret is the G-spot. Just a couple of inches inside a woman’s vagina, on the front side (the side closest her belly button) there’s a bumpy area about the size of a walnut. If you press on it, you can feel sort of a round lump in there. This is the urethral sponge, aka the G-spot. If you stimulate your G-spot by massaging or stroking it, with fingers, a vibrator, dildos, or a penis, it will enlarge and get filled with fluid from surrounding glands. Then when you orgasm, this fluid can be released and squirted out your urethra. You can facilitate the squirting by relaxing as you are about to come and bearing down with your pelvic muscles as if you were going to pee. And it will feel like you have to pee and are about to pee – and in fact you may pee a little, but if you’ve emptied your bladder beforehand it won’t be a lot. Either way it will feel good, so just put down a towel, let go and let it flow.

In order to develop your ability to squirt, or squirt more, get acquainted with your G-spot and learn how to really work it over. It takes a while for it to get engorged and for fluid to accumulate, so plan on taking your time and having a long session, rather than rushing to orgasm. Also, practicing Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles may help you shoot or shoot farther. For more information and techniques, check out this article on female ejaculation.

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