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Lesbian Linux Sex Positions - The Open Source Kama Sutra

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Gay Linux Sex Positions

Linux has given rise to many permutations and variations. Lesbian sexuality is one way of expressing the variety and freewheeling spirit of this OS. All of these positions require two women, and some utilize a strap-on dildo and harness.

Position 1- Woody

Both partners are standing. The partner wearing the strap-on positions herself behind the other woman, who bends from the waist. The active partner penetrates her from the rear.

Position 2 - Ifupdown

The partner wearing the strap-on lies on her back and the other woman mounts her facing away, and then bounces up and down on the dick.

Position 3 - Fakeroot

The receptive partner lies with her legs parted, while the partner wearing the strap-on mounts and penetrates her from above.

Position 4 - SuperH

The partner wearing the strap-on lies on her back, while the other woman mounts her from the top. SuperH refers to the Hitachi platform, and in this case, the position can be enhanced if one of the partners uses a Hitachi Magic Wand.

Postion 5 - WET11

In this position the two partners simulate the shape of a wireless ethernet bridge. The standing partner represents the antenna, while the partner kneeling on all fours represents the base unit. The kneeling partner stimulates the other orally, while the standing partner transmits signals vocally.

Postion 6 - Loopback Interface

The two partners simulate a mini local network by engaging in a mutual and simultaneous oral-genital interface. This allows them to bypass any unreliable external sources of stimulation, such as unstable males or broken sex toys.

Postion 7 - LIX Extension

One partner lies on her back while the other kneels between her open legs and gratifies her orally. This position is especially popular among digital librarians and seminary students.

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