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Rabbit Vibrators - Sex Toys 101

If you watch Sex and the City, youíve probably heard of the jack rabbit vibrator. But what exactly is a rabbit vibrator? Why is it so special, and why do women go nuts for them? Here weíll reveal all the intricacies of the rabbit vibratorís inner workings, and how to use one, and the care and feeding of your rabbit vibe.

One-Stop Shopping
What makes a jack rabbit vibrator unique? Donít all vibrators basically do the same thing, i.e., get you off? Most vibrators are made to be used on the clit, or inserted in the vagina, and some are designed specifically to stimulate the G-spot. But a rabbit vibrator does everything, and we mean everything, at once. It is a type of multifunction vibrator, meaning that it stimulates multiple areas with independent A rabbit-style vibrator consists of a vibrating penis-shaped shaft that usually contains a bulging midsection full of rotating beads or pearls that aligns with the G-spot. The head of the shaft often rotates, wiggles, or swivels as well. And on top of all that, the little bunny rabbit Ė or other critter Ė sits atop your clit and tickles your hot button. If that wasnít enough, some rabbit vibrators also feature an extension to probe or nudge against your asshole. All that grinding, buzzing, vibrating, and rotating might get a little overwhelming, so many rabbit vibrators have separate controls for each vibration function and have multiple speeds so you can manage the intensity of the experience.

Enter the Rabbit
The rabbit vibrator has its origins in Japan, appropriately the source for many other high-tech gadgets. The design of the rabbit vibrator reflects that of classical Asian dildos, as does its incorporation of a whimsical animal figure as a functional decoration. You may notice an unusual feature on the rabbit vibrator Ė a human face on the underside of the head of the cock, positioned so that the cock head itself looks like the personís hair. Donít be disturbed by this. This is related to Japanese laws prohibiting the sale of ďrealisticĒ sex toys. Manufacturers intended to get around these laws by modeling the penis portion after a human figure.

There are a wide variety of jack rabbit vibrators now on the market, many of which feature animals other than rabbits as the clit stimulator. The butterfly vibrator, the beaver vibrator, and the dolphin vibrator are all variations on the jack rabbit theme. There are literally hundreds of rabbit vibes now on the market, but the best and highest-quality models still come from Japan. They may be a little more expensive, but the rabbit vibrator is a sophisticated piece of machinery, so you want to get a reliable one. Because of all the different vibrations and functions, rabbit vibes have a lot of internal mechanical parts. Cheap models can easily jam, short circuit, or burn out.

One Size Fits All?
One problem that some women have when they use a jack rabbit vibrator is the clit stimulator or the rotating bead pack donít quite align with the spots that theyíre supposed to, so they donít get the full effect. Every womanís body is a little different, so not all vibrators will fit everyone. But some rabbit vibrators come with removable clit stimulators, so that part can be positioned where ever you want it. In addition, the insertable part of most rabbit vibes usually tends to be a bit on the short side, although the additional girth of the pearl pack can compensate for whatís lacking in length.

Keeps Going, and Going
Because rabbit vibrators have a lot of mechanical parts to power, they can suck the juice out of batteries quicker than the average vibrator. So if you own one, expect this and stock up on heavy duty alkaline batteries, or get some environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries.

However, the speed with which a rabbit vibe can get you off may offset the higher battery drain, since you probably wonít need to use it for long before it brings you to climax. Itís not advisable to use a multifunction vibrator for long periods of time, anyway. The motor and vibrators can overheat with prolonged use. If it seems like your rabbit vibrator is getting too hot or is making an unusual noise, switch it off and let it cool down.

To prolong the life of your rabbit vibrator, treat it with care when handling, storing, and using it. Most rabbit vibrators are made of jelly rubber, so always use water-based lubricant to preserve the material; oil and petroleum lubes will make it break down. When washing it, make sure not to get any water on the controls or battery pack, unless itís a waterproof model. Try not to overuse your rabbit vibe, but donít be surprised if it quickly becomes your go-to sex toy. You may never go back to using an ordinary vibrator.

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