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Dear RSA,
What is semen supposed to smell like? Mine smells almost like a household cleaner. Is that normal? If it smells like that, what does it taste like?
David, MSU

It can be a little disconcerting that something that comes out of your body (and your penis no less) smells like industrial chemicals. But this is perfectly normal. Many people compare the smell of semen to bleach, household cleanser, or swimming pool water. Semen gets that characteristic aroma from naturally occurring ammonia and alkaloids in it, and these, in a more concentrated form of course, are the main ingredients in many cleansers.

What does your semen taste like? If you really want to find out, be brave and taste a little. Go on, it won't kill you or turn you gay, and if your girlfriend has to do it, you may as well too. Not game? Well, I can guarantee you that it's salty and probably a little bitter, but taste varies a lot from person to person and can be affected by what you eat or drink, your physical health, and other factors. If you're concerned your semen might taste bad, check out this article on what you can do to have better tasting cum.

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