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Dear RSA,
My boyfriend says it would really turn him on if I shaved off all my pussy hair. Previously I've only shaved or waxed my bikini line. I'm worried about nicking something sensitive. Is shaving your pubes dangerous?
Candace, U. Conn.

If you can get the bucks from your parents, go to a professional hair removal salon and ask for a "Brazilian" wax job (you don't have to tell your 'rents what the money is really for, just tell them you're getting your "hair" done). A Brazilian is where they defoliate everything (and I mean everything) down there. It's a little painful, but it's a longer-lasting solution.Otherwise, get an electric razor especially designed for trimming and shaving pubic hair. It is possible to shave your pubes using a regular disposable razor, but this requires patience and a steady hand, and a dorm bathroom is not the ideal location for such a delicate and personal undertaking.

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